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PIx is Asia's lead in ScreenX film production, preparing a leap into the global contents market.

We are looking for authentic and creative people to work with PIX.
We ensure that our members feel special, supported and encouraged.

  • Roto Artist
    [Responsible task] Rotoscoping (cutting required objects from movie frame) operation Matching motion blurs with a procedural and calculated approach Work so that one live-action photograph blends with another virtual image or live-action photograph [Conditions] Digital art or related majors Able to use Nuke, Silhouette, Mocha, Maya
  • Match Mover
    [Responsible task] Extract camera location, direction, data, etc. to synthesize CG objects into live images Build the dummy needed for the match move shot Real-world background reproduction with camera tracking and matchmaking [Conditions] People with a better understanding of 3D space After effect, Premiere (Final Cut Pro), Photoshop, Illustrator after lyrics, etc Maya, Nuke (user) Maya (ability) Scriptable people such as Python and Mei Experienced master layout operation Experience in creating new media video content and carrying out projects Artwork or animation sense-owned designer Have eyes to see details and strong problem-solving skills
  • Assistant Technical Director (TD)
    [Responsible task] Manage all members of the VFX pipeline to have the required fabrication tools Identify and correct problems during VFX production Gather information about the needs of each department Create small tools for VFX artists [Conditions] Strong understanding of all tasks and roles within the pipeline an eye for details Maya, Houdini, Nuke available Ability to program (language C, Python, etc.)

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